Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peak in My Brain: Daisies and Dollies and Bones and Vintage Threads

Obviously I use a LOT of stock photos in my digital pieces, usually textures but sometimes whole objects. This leads to one of my new obsessional hobbies- stalking the Creative Commons on Flickr. This mosaic of recent favorites shows a lovely smattering of ideas that are gestating in my brain. Like Athena, only with less hammering pain and I'm not a Big Patriarchal Asshat God.

Credits and mosaic easy-peasy! Generated by Big Huge Labs. I really love big huge labs- Dharma the sweet aged dog is part lab. And fairly big huge.

1. 100_3280, 2. Circles and blocks, 3. pinkness, 4. Stitching 4, 5. pg 192 Skull and Spine, 6. object #3: bones, 7. Untitled, 8. Stoic, 9. One Year Anniversary..., 10. Plaid & Bows 2, 11. Like_a_Glove-Lydia_Shedlofsky-4, 12. Like_a_Glove-Rachael_Smith-7, 13. Ouija board, 14. crying is okay here, 15. Mirror Snip, 16. Remembering the day I set you free..., 17. Perfect Harmony1, 18. Perfect Harmony2, 19. anna on line 2, 20. Fire Escape - Pittsburgh

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