Monday, February 1, 2010

Bloggers Unite for Haiti: A Beloved Haitian Children's Book and New Fundraiser Print

Good morning- It's Bloggers Unite for Haiti day. I don't have any direct experience with Haiti, but my fascination with Vodou brought me to an interest in the culture and art of the island. The print I created for the fundraiser reflects my love of the Veve- a magic symbol used to invoke the lwa (or loa- intermediaries between humans and a big, powerful, aloof God) in ritual. The rune-like images are beautiful. The veve in my piece invokes Erzulie (Ezili) who is a group of the Goddesses saints lwa representing all aspects of love.


Haiti Love Part One: The Banza

This is one of my & Molly's favorite books: The Banza. I found it during the East End yard sale (totally famous if you're a Charlestonian) and loved the cover art. (All images are scanned from the book and the illustrations are copyright Marc Brown, an illustrator parents may know from Arthur books.)

We love the bright, playful drawings and the sweet story. Teegra (tiger) gives Cabree (goat) a special banza (banjo- the banjo originated in Haiti) and it brings Cabree great courage. Cabree is female and I LOVE this fiesty little lady singing her song so fiercely she scares away a band of tigers.

Molly wants to share her experience of the book, too:

Haiti Love Part Two: Mere de Dieu Digital Fine Art Print This art piece is for sale in my Etsy shop, and all proceeds after printing & shipping costs will go to the Unicef Haiti relief fund.

It's only available through February 28, so hurry and buy now!

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