Friday, February 5, 2010

Resurrected Friday Favorites: Birdies on Flickr

I've always been fascinated with birds. I've had zebra finches and parakeets and wee, diabetic fragile little finch who was eaten by my psycho kitty "Stoney" Stonehenge. Sometime around The Eating of "Meelo" Emilio the Finch, I decided not to have any more pet birds. I moved on to a ball python who eventually bit me and I had a large wiggins and gave him to the guy who sold me his feeder mice at the pet store and always thought a vegetarian picking up a living lunch for her snake had issues.

1. Pigeons and Lightbulbs, 2. Female western blue bird, 3. Tickell's Blue Flycacther (Cyomis tickelliae), 4. Bird Cage 2, 5. The Birds, 6. Bird Houses / 20071230.10D.46705 / SML, 7. Little Bird!, 8. Phoenix Bird - classic sculpture at 20th & Camelback, 9. Birds in flight


  1. This is why a birdfeeder outside is so nice - I can watch the birds but never have to take them to the vet!

  2. What, no woodpeckers? Gram used to watch the birds quite a bit...