Monday, March 1, 2010

The Art of Giving Plus Spiffy Threads

I just made my donation of $90 to the UN's World Food Bank. Thanks so very much to my dear art buyers who picked up an if-I-do-say-so-myself very cute art print and enabled me to make that gift to Haitians in need. 

(In case you're the Blogger Police, you'll notice I did say I was donating to UNICEF but you'll forgive me for choosing a great charity with PayPal checkout enabled.)

I'm so excited I was able to do that- it's a lovely thing when art and charity can overlap. The Blogathon last year was a huge lesson in using my talents to beg people to throw cash where it's needed. (I've spoken to the amazing ladies at WV Free about supporting them for the 2010 Blogathon. They're working hard to preserve reproductive rights in West Virginia.)

I'm awash in non-profit think right now, but admittedly most of my musing is fluffy. A few events are coming up that necessitate some hard-core outfit obsession. This Sunday the Children's Therapy Clinic hosts their Oscars viewing party, A Night With the Stars. My earthy green dress makes me feel way Elven Glam (what? That's a thing...) and I finally found some shoes that'll work. If you come, you can go Hollywood glam or come in movie costume. There's a large part of me wanting to go as a Na'avi, but my skin plus blue paint? Not so much:) Join me! Check out the event page here.

On the 12th, the YWCA's having our celebration party for making our 2 Million Dollar Campaign, and I have this yummy suit- chocolate with turquoise pinstripes. So gorgeous. And dressy flats that pair cute bling with non-spine killing geometry! Next month, my shop is hosting an Open House, so I'll have to find a third killer ensemble. Oh squee.

Meanwhile, I've been in a grungy tee from the basement sale ($3 a Bag, this Friday & Saturday! Lee & Elizabeth Streets! See me pimp my workz!) for like twelve million days. I'm feeling better a bit today, so perhaps the reign of sloppy sick wear will end. I feel a hair-washing may even happen today. Unfortunately, the Shittastic Phlegm Demon did not release me before it made me miss both my oldest sister-friend's wedding shower AND Ani DiFranco at Mountain Stage this weekend. Worst sickfail ever.

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  1. I wanted to buy one but it said it was sold out by the time I was able to try :(

    Glad there were others able to help!!