Friday, March 5, 2010

Notes from a Sporadic Mommyblogger

Molly will be four (FOUR. 4!! f-o-u-r. One-third of tween) at the end of May, and she's just done one of those quantum leaps of psych formation that young ones do. She's developed an epic level of sassy and is testing boundaries so obviously it seems like she is wearing a lab coat and scribbling on a clipboard:

Clinical Study: Parenting Styles and Limits 2.023113.b Evans, Heidi and Shane
03.05.2010 1200 hrs
Mother subject continues to exhibit non-verbal cues indicating frustration when tester invokes preference for grandparents, but tester can no longer elicit emotional upset by triggering insecurities in the maternal subject. Better tact to break subject's calm is to stage tantrum. Kicking seems to especially annoy this subject.

Paternal subject is vulnerable to parental stress when tester refuses to react to commands and requests. Will continue to ignore paternal subjects' instructions and see if tester can cause cranial explosion.

Clinical Study: Parenting Styles and Limits 2.023113.b Evans, Heidi and Shane
03.04.2010 1600 hrs

Have determined maximum impact technique to bring about physical expressions of stress in both parental subjects. Tester simply asks one subject for an object or privilege, and if tester receives negative response, proceeds to ask the second parental unit for the same item. Both subjects, when observing this scenario, tend to explode with anger. They continue to strive for solidarity as I continue to exploit their differences in disciplinary style.


I'm pining a little for the old days (hours of blogging and design play time while infant Birdy napped/nursed away quietly) even while I revel in her feisty, complex personality developing Polaroid-fast before my eyes. To that end (the pining) I've finally imported the rest of the posts from the original mommyblog-

and you can troll the archives and marvel at when I had nothing better to do than excrete milk and teach myself Photoshop for fun-

Glorified scrapbook pages by a capital-F Fine Artist:). Those were the days. The last vestiges of "moon-eyed artslacker," who now thinks of art as a second job, deeply linked with the online world I made myself. Writing this, I'm observing that the wild Birdy is not the only one who's undergone a few quantum leaps in her personhood since long ago in 2006.


  1. Too beautiful. My baby girl turns thirteen in a matter of weeks. It's amazing how quickly they grow.

  2. RE: Clinical study - bah hah hah hahahahaha!

    Oh just wait, my fine, feathered friend, just wait.