Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Treasure Nest Tuesday #49: Fifties Boho & Mad Hatters

Saturday we were a busy little twosome, the Bird & me. First we helped set up a psychic fair fundraiser at the UU church, where a certain awesome deck of Tarot cards changed hands at least twice. I sold some of my books & effects and came out as an ex-Wiccan, then promptly begged for a card reading from the gorgeously-almost-dreadlocked Mir, who was my mentor when I was studying the craft.

My hair was, um, ergh... so I grabbed a scarf & did a wrappy-do, and felt all messy, until I donned my HUGE shades & suddenly felt very together. Craig (actor, artist, & resident master vintage-spotter at P&P) called it "On location in Chelsea in the Fifties." Scarf via Past & Present, killer beads from The Stray Dog.

After the stop at my shop where I picked up my hair piece & some huge star-bedecked plastic dress-up shoes for my wee bitsy, we prepped for an impromptu Tea Party with the Sweeneys. (They being the neighbors who filled me with the squee of no longer being the lone Hippie in the Holler.)

We got serious about the dressing-up:

So! Next week is Treasure Nest #50. In celebration, I think a killer giveaway is in order:) Check in next Tuesday for a chance to win a Treasure.


  1. I want to borrow that red hat with the veiling!!!

    I want to come have tea party with hats!!!


  2. love u and miss u heidi artist faerie goddess!

    Love Ambre