Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Treasure Nest Tuesday GIVEAWAY! #50: Win Your Darlin' Self a Treasure Box

In celebration of my liking round numbers, especially with 5 in them, I give you the first ever Treasure Nest Giveaway!

To win:
  • Comment on this blog post by Tuesday, April 6th at midnight EDT.
  • Tweet a link to the post and include @daisybones
  • Share the link in a note on Facebook and tag Heidi Richardson Evans
You can do all three, but enter each way one time, dig? I'll draw by random.org and post a winner Wednesday next. Here are the goods:

1. Cool wooden box

2. Kitty brooch! Meow!

3. Little dangly earrings

4. Sweet little ring that fits my pinky but my bones are HUGE

5. Medallion necklace that imbues wearer with the conviction that she is, in some other dimension, a medieval knight/queen mash-up.

6. A tiger's eye that is packed with whatever mojo tiger's eyes are said to possess.

7. A key. To Narnia. That I either bought in a lot of vintage keys on Etsy or found years ago and either way ended up in a small obsessive collection of keys.

8. And DOOD! It's all wrapped up in a supersweet grey Egyptian motif silk scarf from the Metro Museum of Art via my head via Past & Present. I washed it. So maybe it isn't silk. But it should be. Feels marvelous.

I'm so excited! This is a fun package to offer up to the Randomey Gods of Chance & Goode Fortune.


  1. Oh, me likey very much--ALL OF IT!!!


  2. Souster wants the skeleton key!!! I'm totally obsessed with skeleton keys right now, I've been lurking etsy for steampunk jewelry with keys for eons.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway chance, Heidi. Here's hoping...Meow. :)

  4. so awesome. the key is fantastic. and the scarf! what a sweet & generous giveaway!

  5. The more I look at the swag, the more I want it all!

  6. What a cool idea! Love the trinkets, esp. the necklace that will make me a queen knight!!

  7. Dear Anonymous, I need contact info for your entry to be valid. Email it to heidi {at} daisybones.com Thanks:)