Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Treasureless Tuesday

I have no photo or quirky story about a second hand darling thing. I MEANT to buy the complete works of Lewis Carroll so I could disguise a movie review as a book review as a Treasure Nest post, but I forgot it in my tiny colossal stack of hold books.

I also forgot to get photographic evidence of my Cutest Look Ever from the Night with the Stars fundraiser. Seriously, it was epic cuteness. My hair was perfect- my greys clumped up perfectly like I'd streaked it on purpose.

So, whatever... it's a functional Monday, so I'm all wonky-brained. I was off yesterday, which is why in the middle of the afternoon I had eyeballs full off Johnny-PLZsrslyletmehaveyourbabies-Depp-oh-no-wait-I-wanna-drool-on-Crispin-Glover-instead in 3D and ears all a-quiver with Alan Rickman while nice young ladies and gentlemen in overalls replaced my dead, crappy tires.

Hyphenated swooning aside, I was blown away by the movie. I was expecting to be disappointed in everything but the visuals and the spectacle-ness of it. I had heard that they took great liberties with the Carrol story and I was all snotty and pissy about that. Turns out I couldn't remember the finer points well enough to compare and the screenwriter may well have followed canon for all I know if you include Through The Looking Glass, which I've not yet read.

My most muchest moment was when I noticed the Mad Hatter's mismatched pupils- Tim Burton stole my thing! Look:

The character was so unbelievably delicious it just kind of hurt. I was mesmerized by the makeup.
lalala what else? ....Stayne is a sexy damn name. OH LOOK. And also, I still love Helena Bonham Carter. And I am crazy jonesing for a pretty top hat.

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  1. I can not wait to see that movie!!!! I might take Olivia to see it this weekend.