Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I Did This Weekend

1. Read Water Witches by Chris Bohjalian, whose dialogue is really terrible unless people in Vermont really do not use contractions ever and speak like someone who has read a lot of books but has never heard actual people speak. The subject matter (a matriarchal family of dowsers intersects with environmental politics) was sufficient to carry me, though. So it was alright. Midwives was better, as I remember. The narrator is a lawyerly semi-conservative married to a craft-making dowser earth mama, so it was an interesting parallel to my own marriage.

2. Watched a Big Fucking Deal (sorry, but I can't get over Biden- he slays me) WVU Basketball game at a very busy bar full of very loud people who care WAAAYYYY more about the sports than I do. Yeungling is the great equalizer, though, so I had a great time.

3. Painted the big graffiti/mural thing in the basement of the store. Behold:


  1. The mural is awesome! I'm a big fan of Graff in general though. I guess a few years of teaching it (despite my own lack of skills) will do that to you though.