Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Design Evolution Post

I really enjoyed creating this post, and the design project I just completed involved a lot of thumbnail sketching and evolved in a cool way so I wanted to do it again.

And so I give you: Evolution of my StreetWorks 2010 design. It'll be transferred to a stoneware brick and installed in the street on Washington, near my shop.

Notes from the artists' meeting, along with Vasilia's heart doodle and my first baby ideas. Was thinking of watching the sun rise as I drive east to open the shop, and of the hills and buildings around. Was being ridiculously literal, but needed to get the images out. Actually, the wee door in the hillside is cute. Charleston imagined as The Shire. Squee!

Started thinking arrows, which maybe came from my You Go Girl mural. The bottom sketch spoke to me. Started doodling windows/bricks in the arrow.
Worked with the composition more... moved the sun to the bottom left, then broke the cross shape out of the window, which really moved the design toward where it finished, which is to say shapes moving out of frame. Expansion. Tried a gear idea that looked like a saw blade and made me frown.

More bad saw blade pointy whatevers... A ladder that didn't belong.

Getting very close, and satisfied with the major elements, I started working on the template Mark Wolfe sent over with the East End Main Street Logo and room for my name. Grabbed a bigger Sharpie and filled in the dark areas to make sure they'd work.

More refining... needed to solve that top right area, which was totally slacking and generally just being an asshole. Like when it told me "I want a spiral, too. If you make it dark it'll be subtle and your Whole Composition will Fall Into Place". Which was bullshit, as you can see:

Made some smaller prints of the template to try different things in that evil corner, and made final notes, including proof in my own writing that I argue with myself. In my own writing. I need better meds.

The final piece, yeah... I'm gonna make you wait- because I have given you 98% blogger transparency and I want to ride that 2% mystery for a few days.And because I have exactly enough time for a hot bath before I have to pick up Her Mollyness. Molly at nearly four, by the way, so bloggable. But I'm going to make you wait for that, too.

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