Thursday, May 13, 2010

On Being a Warrior Monk Mommy

Because "warrior monk" is far more groovy than GI Jane, a reference I've heard a lot today. The highlights of my day (shockingly) involved Molly. Early this morning she wanted a mommy-invented story, so I told her the story of how "mama's cutting off her hair to save fishies." She insisted that I add a monster. So, much to my own amusement, I threw in a monster. Named Halliburton. And I cackled. But she insisted the monster was actually a Bad Mike Wazowski.
So Sully, Boo (Molly-boo, not movie-boo... although M is pretty sure that *is* her in the movie) and I defeated Bad Mike and then the Grandies picked her up and I went to work.

Later, when the last swipe of the clippers had completed my crew cut, she yelled, "Mommy! You look BEAUTIFUL." It was ridiculously sweet.

And I have to say, it is pretty damn cute.

I did this before- Thirteen? Fifteen? years ago. But then I was accompanied by my BFF during the Pittsburgh days, one Mr. Jack Daniels. And I was rounder, and I'm sad to say there are no photos of that.

Mmm. I feel all light and zen and fluffy. A cleansed, pure kind of fluffy.

Things I have adamantly decided NOT to examine:

1. Am I a lame-ass for reinforcing idiotic gender rules like "girls don't have short hair!" "Gawk at the butch chick! ZOMG"

2. I should have gone shorter; it's not drastic enough. Apparently since it turns out I like it I feel guilty or something. Only I DON'T because not examining.

so. LALALALALA fun day of environmental hope paired with salon silliness.

Very much thanks to all salons that are pitching in- here are the ones I know for sure are collecting hair:

Through The Looking Glass, in St. Albans
Spa Elements, Charleston, West Side
712, Charleston, Downtown
Hair Fashion, Charleston, Downtown

If you need a trim, please stop by one of these fine businesses.


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