Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Scheme to Save the Ocean and Butch Me Up a Little

I was uncharacteristically coherent early this morning due everyone in the house falling fast asleep at about 6pm last night. To channel my dawn energy I was surfing, or perhaps inbox-sorting. Facebook? Something. Something with hotlinks. So, at 7am, I woke Shane:

me: Did you know pet fur and human hair absorb oil and can be used to clean up oil spills?
him: *Sigh* You're going to shave your head and give your hair to BP aren't you?
me: Yeah. Sort of. To a clean-up thingy, to fix BP's evil & whatnot.
him: *Sigh* ... *Another sigh*

So, by 7:30am I had emailed every local hair salon I could track down digitally and pitched a hair donation drive to them. It's now 7:30pm, and I've told everyone I saw today that Imma shave mah head! Again. But this time not out of a deep-seated need to be stalking the streets of Pittsburgh in combat boots and babydoll dresses with a peachfuzzy noggin.

This time it's a purely symbolic, bloggable mini-publicity stunt. And this time I'm secure in the knowledge that I don't look this cute with a buzz:

However: I own a trillion and three scarves, hats, and various 'do rags. I'll update as soon as I generate some interest.

Check out the oil spill program at Matter of Trust, if you're perhaps thinking that I'm a raving lunatic.

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  1. Marvelous. If I could rock the fuzz...I would support you as a sister in baldness! Alas, I think we both know this noggin needs hair.