Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tricky Nest Tuesday! #53: Shop Tour!


Greetings and suchlike from the East End of the charming Other Charleston. I'm live-blogging, as it were- most Treasure Nest Posts are post-dated, which is how I manage to occasionally get them posted on time.

BUT, today I'm sipping a Corona and gnoshing on salsa at Tricky Fish while I prepare for you a virtual tour of Past & Present.

 Me and C, hanging at the sales desk, looking like we might have coordinated our outfits. We didn't.

Here's a gorgeous shot of the interior of the Boutique. The Boutique is just my code for "main floor" while the basement is decidedly more Chaos Dimension than Boutique. The gorgeosity of the photo I owe to one Rudy Panucci, of Radio Free Charleston fame. He also authors the awesomely-titled Pop Cult blog.

And another Rudyriffic shot, where you can make out some of the vintage hats I adore, like this one below (my photo):

It is yummy.Like my gorgeous shop. If you haven't checked out the Facebook fan page, do so here. I love my job- for reasons including, but not limited to, the fact that they gave me permission to blog the shop tour:D

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