Monday, June 7, 2010

A Monday Morning Vocabulary & Mythology Lesson. And Wolverine.

More from the House of Leaves notes. The first list is here. We are still ignoring 'differAnce' because it turns out Vicodin* is not Genius Juice like you would have thought, watching the first few (good) seasons of House. Ooh.. House reference, House of Leaves post. Fabulous.
  1. amaurotic
    Total loss of vision, especially when occurring without pathological changes to the eye.

  2. muss es sein
    Must it be?

  3. eiditic
    From the Wikipedia: Eidetic or photographic memory is popularly defined as the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with extreme accuracy and in abundant volume. The word eidetic (pronounced /aɪˈdɛtɨk/) means related to extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images, and comes from the Greek word εἶδος (eidos), which means "form".[1]

  4. tenebrific

    1. Serving to obscure or darken.
    2. Gloomy; dark

    Yum. Potential new favorite word.
  5. cimmerian

    (sometimes not capital) very dark; gloomy
    (Myth & Legend / Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth one of a people who lived in a land of darkness at the edge of the world

    Oops, Sorry, tenebrific. You just got ousted by Cimmerian. And Mr. Danielewski? You can capitalize these words, so we get a wee clue that they reference mythology. Meh. I thought I'd read everything in Greek Mythology, which now as I type it is really a ridiculous thing to have thought, as I've never read the Illiad or the Oddessey. I withdraw the former assumption of mythological expertise.

  6. adamantine

    1. Made of or resembling adamant.
    2. Having the hardness or luster of a diamond.
    3. Unyielding; inflexible: "If there is one dominant trait that emerges from this account, it is adamantine willpower" (Eugene Linden)

    So, this is what I'd assumed, although my association was with adamantium, via the X-Men, so I assumed I was wrong. Wasn't wrong, just had the wrong mythology. (Piss off- X-Men IS SO mythology.) Furthermore,

    adamant [ˈædəmənt]

    1. unshakable in purpose, determination, or opinion; unyielding
    2. a less common word for adamantine [1]
    1. any extremely hard or apparently unbreakable substance
    2. (Myth & Legend / European Myth & Legend) a legendary stone said to be impenetrable, often identified with the diamond or loadstone

    [Old English: from Latin adamant-, stem of adamas, from Greek; literal meaning perhaps: unconquerable, from a-1 + daman to tame, conquer]

    I didn't know the etymology of adamant. Now we all do! Rejoice with me.

    *Had a wisdom tooth pulled. Am forcing myself not to write a shameful pun about that being the reason for the verbal ignorance. You're welcome.

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