Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Own Private Marriage of Heaven & Hell

We've been talking about a RAID system for years. We haven't done it. My computer is being eaten alive, apparently, by some malware bullshit. So, I'm hanging out in the Man Cave on the Mr's machine while I burn data to these archaic things we call CDs that store precious few PSDs.

Put your shit in the cloud, people.

Don't be a Daisy. Don't tear up as you rescue sonograms and baby photos and years of art from nearly being gobbled.

let's revisit the heavenly fact that I got to spend some handsdirty time with the arty mamas helping run FestivALL. Here's the pond ripple that became a sunburst & the records that are possibly my favorite part of the truck so far.

See the rest at the Facebook Photo Album.

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