Monday, June 14, 2010

There and Back Again, A Blogger's Tale. (Only with 300% Fewer Words Than Tolkein.)

As I am flirting with serious exhaustion, let me dazzle you with photos and avoid actual writing.

We drove to Seneca Rock, where I surprised my wee family by decorating our tent with the mini prayer flags that had been a treat from Rykasbeads.

We walked around the general area of the rocks, being too out of shape (the 'rents) and too hellishly fussy (the Birdy) to climb the trail, which is not as bad as it looks.

Then Shane & Molly were cute.

Then I got to traipse about on river stones, which makes me a very very happy mama.

Then the Birdy roasted her first marshmallows and I ate like three hundred s'mores for dinner.

Then suddenly we were home & I was all stressy again but my afternoon became awesome and I hung out with artists and played with the Art Car Truck for the FestivALL Art parade which I will sadly miss due to dayjobbiness. It was extra mojo-infusing, because it was Vasilia time and she is one of my most beloveds:) And here are some of my car doodles & wine corks:

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  1. It's always good to get at least a little break. And I think S'mores may be one of the best foods on the planet. If she ever needs them in cupcake form, gimme a yell.