Friday, July 9, 2010

Daisybones World Headquarters. Mwahahah.

Since I'll be spending 24freakinghours here, again, I thought I'd give you the quickie tour of my "office." Which is to say, my corner of what's in transition between a living room and a rec room.

This is my desk, with the two VERY hard-won monitors I earned with much fighting with video cards and cable converters and OK fine- Shane did all that but I was very impatient and tapped my feet intimidatingly while that was all happening.

Yep- I was watching Torchwood. Which made me smile:

Below is the lone gargoyle who survived the purge of a collection I decided was too obviously goth and also wicked dust-collecting. He scares away evil digital spirits. Oh, no wait- he completely FAILS to scare away evil digital spirits.

The wee elephant was a gift from my dear friend LaRee, who is a shiny, golden creature. I love that photograph.

Here's the pile of books I use as a monitor stand as well as my sketchbook, notebook where I try to mitigate the epic chaos of my mind, two pair of sweet shades, the tattoo savings jar, and some pills to anti-inflame my spiney muscles. Or maybe they are Klonopin but the smile seems to indicate that this wasn't Hell Week.

Tune in for the Pile Of Crazy that is Blogathon- details as soon as I can get them:)

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  1. Woot! I can't wait to begin!

    So I didn't know I could vote on your poll daily... I must have missed that part! Anyway I'll be polling daily for the BP Disaster Relief!