Friday, July 2, 2010

July Brings Blogathon Musings

I'm planning to do the 2010 Blogathon on the 31st. Last year's epic blog-immersion experience was seriously amazing.

My problem is

(setting aside this probably-wise doodle observation
in lieu of selective memory) that I can't decide on a charity. I'm thinking of asking for votes, actually. I may do that, in fact. I approached WV Free several months ago, and mentioned that I was thinking of fundraising for them this year. I haven't been very active in pro-choice circles lately, although I remain passionate about it. (I did a little bit of activist stuff in college and then worked for years with a great group of women and men who provided reproductive care to women in WV as one of only two clinics offering abortion services.) Abortion access- hell! even getting Emergency Contraception- is especially controversial in my socially conservative town. I had a NOW 'keep abortion safe, legal, & accessible' sticker waiting to go on my car forever and I recently admitted that I don't feel like being demonized and tossed it.

I guess I'm buying the idea that pro-choice folks are a minority and that raising cash would be difficult. Writing this seems vaguely absurd, though, given that I raised $500 for WV Pride- it's not like Appalachia's a gay mecca:) But we rocked it.

And that brings up my loyalty to their group and building on the momentum of last year's effort. That's another prong of my three-way charity tie. The other is my feeling that the oil spill overshadows everything and that an emergency of that scale necessitates a LOT of Bloggers working to help. I'm sure that will be a popular cause this year, for great reason.

So, have you any thoughts to help me? Share- but please for the love of blogger sanity- don't suggest another charity:)


  1. I love WV Pride. But I also could never say no to anything that will help with the oil spill. Not huge on WV Free (no offense meant at all there, it's just not my cause).

    Right now I think it's a really tough time to choose who you want to support. There are so many wonderful causes and, in tough times like these, so many of them need extra help.

  2. Whatever the cause souster, you know I will support the cause with Blog-a-Thon NOM.

  3. OMG! I'm totally going to do BLOGATHON WITH YOU IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!! How can I get started?