Sunday, July 18, 2010

Next Person to Say "Staycation" Gets Paintballed in the Eye.

So, the baby got broken. A little.

No big, as far as broken bones go- JUST enough, in fact, to necessitate a canceled camping trip. We have to check it out tomorrow (we hope.) Meanwhile, it's rained and I've spent a great deal of time doodling while Molly watches Spongebob.

We had a movie date this afternoon, and were greatly entertained by Despicable Me. We may still try to head to the river if the doctor OKs a trip, so I'm planning on staying in vacation mode, and guest posters may proceed to daisy the bones in my real or virtual absence:)

1 comment:

  1. I has a happy! I was wondering whether I could post on your blog! I should do it now while I am DRUNK at 4:20 in San Francisco and have no clue which bus to take home! WOOOOOOT!