Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Blogathon For Me. Life-athon Instead.

The 'altblogathon' site is still dead in the water, so most of us are conceding to the will of the internet and taking the year off.

Regardless, I'll be working around the clock through Saturday, having used my personal time on the Lamecation and then needing today off to deal with a sick-again Mollybird. To whom do I complain to ask the fates to throw this kid a bone? A non-broken one. Har-har.

If you're keeping track, the poor girl has suffered, in a two week span,

two (2) falls on indoor stairs
1 dislocated elbow with
1 hair-line fracture to a tiny humerus
1 pukey GI virus
1 knot on forehead
1 poopy GI virus

and her gorgeous, witty mother endured

1 ugly, allergic, monsterface breakout
and 1 blistery sunburn

Shane, for once, was karma's Golden Boy and suffered no irritated skin, digestive bugs, or injuries.

I'll get back with you all shiny and perky as soon as I can regroup.

1 comment:

  1. OMG poor baby! Hope she gets some well deserved rest! You and her!

    Altblogathon is a no-go i think. But I'm not giving up. I'm trying to start a fundraising page with razoo or firstgiving but the charity i chose is not listed... so there's an issue!