Sunday, July 11, 2010

Transcribed Art Scrawls #1: Written in my Scars

This is the first in a series of posts of text from my art which isn't always legible. This is from Written in My Scars, which is about my fight to deliver my baby from a body that shouldn't, according to nature, have conceived. My birth defects fixed that problem, but left scars that made labor very difficult. Here is our birth story.

I'm such an advocate for natural childbirth that I have to add this commentary. This is not the story of natural labor or or normal birth pain. This is pain I chose because my midwives and I didn't think my scar tissue would be such a problem. But I can say this- I had a hard, pitocin-augmented labor without an epidural. If you have a normal pregnancy, you can do it without drugs and you & baby will be much healthier in most cases if you do. /soapbox


she is my treasure, won in blood and flame

i moved earth and woke hell to find you perfect and
new. i will surround your smallness with stones &
claws and make nests for you with my hair and my
breasts. i will surround you a fortress of growling
clawing love with walls as solid as the bone that
cradled you and warm as the flesh that bore you
i brought you from the dark, drawing on depths
unexplored, moving without thought in spirals
to dance you down when dancing- even motion
was so far out of reach i still kept moving for you- with
sheer will i made my body over in the image i
demanded- creating strength from fear and muscle
from exhaustion i went so deep inside that i transcended
flesh and self and emerged with my prize and i will
hold you fiercely and tightly, curled around you
i am this womb of steel force and purest instinct
and for this time you are mine and i will keep you
close and your name is written on my body, etched
into me your name is written in these scars.

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  1. amazing. words... not doing justice. something inside of me shifted when i read your words.