Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#30DaysofTruth // Day 1

It seems like a great idea right now, having a horizontal day of spinal dysfunction and being pretty much glued to the laptop, to embark upon a meme. It's also a good practice run for NaBloPoMo, which I think I may do this fall. I've been feeling I need to nurture the blog more recently. This'll be a good little reconnection. Like make up sex for a cranky blog that misses its author mistress.

The prompts live here. And the tweets live here.

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.
I hate my lack of organization in my home, my mind, my work. It's particularly vexing because I can design organizational systems very efficiently- in my head. Occasionally I even manage to implement them in the world.

And then a mote of dust, a lyric, a glint of light, an interesting idea tickles me, pulls me to the surface of my mind, where I skip & skim & float and land light years from the task at hand.

I hate my lack of follow-through, my whimsical, distraction-prone mind. Beneath it run solid, hearty ideas, but too often these stalwart ideas are neglected for the flighty skin and glimmer of whimsy.

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