Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crooked Thinking & #30DaysofTruth // Day 2

Twitter followers and coworkers noticed respectively some whiny medical tweets and that poorly-constructed-robot-shuffle that is how I walk when every single motion of my pelvis and abdomen created a kaleidoscope of pains. Saw my GP, Dr. CuteandCasual. She agreed a new assessment and new x-rays are a good plan, and I should call a chiropractor ASAP. She refilled my NSAIDS and changed my up-to-zero drugs to Effexor with my Clonopin twist.

The new uncrazymaking drugs helped me sleep a sublime Morphean rest and I woke up all NEW WOMAN stretching like cat LET'S DO THIS DAY! Tested weight on the left foot. Success! Shift to right. Painless! Off we went to drop Shane off and then down the hill to my shop.

Only when Shane was on his way in, I dropped my energy shot bottle, and automatically bent to fix my litter sin. And then my back wanted to stay in that weird bend. Adamantly, it told me there would be nothing but pain if I refused to stay there. I warrior-bullet-bit until I was upright enough to drive, called Saint Erin the best most ass-covering love of my life and BJ, the High Queen of retail and they worked out the schedule.

(Go see Erin at Past & Present today and tell her she's a saint. Then buy a bunch of vintage clothes.)

The  fallout of this  scrambled rescheduling and my resigning to the role of disabled person is totally infuriating. You see, the formative years of my life involved my constantly educating people that I'm not disabled. Then the puberty came and then there were giant fat curve things pulling on a spine we didn't really notice was shaped all wrong. Then (this is the most fun part) I got actually fat, not just softly round. Then the back just curled up and screamed "I can't work like this! I quit!"

Then there were chiropractics and therapy and a 30 pound weight loss and we were getting a long a lot better. But there are sneaky surprises now, and it's been 6 years since someone who knows bones took a peak into mine. And these little spurts of disability will not be tolerated. I am going on attack. As soon as I can walk. The battle plans shall be laid today, as I hunt for a spine guru.

And now for something completely different.

#30Days of Truth  The prompts live here. And the tweets live here.

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

I love that I have lovely handwriting, and that it looks like me. I probably relate more to my penmanship as "what I look like" than my face. My soul is right there, in angles and curves.

Scribble Project: Face, Pace, Race

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