Sunday, September 5, 2010

#30DaysOfTruth Day 18 // Marriage Rights

#30DaysofTruth The prompts live here. And the tweets live here. 
Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

Ah, we continue our 30 Day quest for Personal Blogger Truthiness, and I live to shock another day. Gay marriage? Yes: now please. There simply are no ethical arguments against legal, equal, identical marriages between couples of any gender. Honestly, I'm getting quite impatient waiting for the mainstream to understand the distinction between (antiquated, manipulated) religious doctrine and civil rights.

I'm feeling optimistic that the zeitgeist is changing, though, if far more slowly than I'd like to see. It's always frustrating to see things move nationally faster than my region. My Dad brought me liberal tidings from his adopted part-time home of Maine recently- he thought of me when he saw a Gay Maine guide at the state Welcome Center, so he brought it to me with an embarrassment of micro-brewed beer riches.

Let's dream of a Gay WV pamphlet, shall we, my mountain darlings?

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