Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brain, Blood, Sex, Dreams

So I quit the inhaler and saw no changes whatsoever. Realizing the Effexor was certainly the offender, I couldn't stand to take another single dose. I knew I'd be wrecked for a few days, but I could not make myself swallow another pill. I have had worse withdrawals. I was a Prozac Zombie for more than two weeks once. I'm over the worst of it, I think. It's possible the chemistry made me vomit all evening Thursday, but my townsfolk have been afflicted with a virile, angry stomach ailment and I probably had that. (If you would catch the dread Pukemaking Thing, be assured its duration is less than 24 hours.)

I'm surprised I hadn't missed my dreams.

I was too busy lamenting the shaking and not sleeping well to realize my usually copious and phantasmagorical dreams were absent. Now, without brain-tweaking meds, they have returned. The image I'm sharing is vivid and maybe just a tiny bit disturbing. If you're squeamish, stop here with the phrase Vampire Caligula. Consider yourself warned.

There is a vampire. Pale, in bed with two similarly pale lucky sexy women victims. There is, then, orgiastic sex. And with the neck draining. Then there is yet a third pale lady. The vampire looks at her like she is a perfect creme brulee but he is annoyed at being stuffed with foie gras. Then he opens his arms to her and the undead pretty creature is now sexing up three women. Then... THEN. He starts drinking the new girls' blood, and then letting it just dribble out of his mouth. So there is this very detailed visual of white linens, white flesh with a thick, painterly poured-splash of crimson blood. It was quite beautiful and evocative.

For Roman style vomited blood.

When I woke up there was a squicked feeling, but my horror-dream-generating subconscious was all Blood = Red = Pretty. And now that my narrative is broken, I can tell you the vamp was Angelus, which of course evokes extreme annoyance because I HATE Boreanaz as Angel/us* and I am a Spike Girl. #Spuffy #ATW etc.

So, my brain is now working the way it normally does, which entails making dreams too pretty not to blog and simultaneously just creepy enough to reconsider the publish button.

*However, he is delightful as Seely Booth and I totally love Bones and guess who my Bones crush is you will never EVAR guess it is Sweets Mreowl His lips are prettttttty and also did you know that you can tell I am feeling better and the reason that you can tell is when I am giddy I indulge my STYLISTIC choice which is not grammar fail it is a manipulated rule for ART reasons and what I do is I run on my sentences until they have verbal shin splints and still they run run run.

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