Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dionysus and DNA // #30DaysOfTruth Day 20

#30DaysofTruth The prompts live here. And the tweets live here. 
Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Lately, I've encountered several people at different levels of substance abuse recovery. I'm struck by similarities in their experiences and my struggles with anxiety, and have puzzled about that tiny little tweak in the genetic code that let me experiment with abandon and never land in dependency. I'm touched and inspired by the changes so many friends are making. I wish to tread more sensitively here in light of this than I might.

Another time, I might link prolifically to Timothy Leary and Terrance McKenna. I might gush about the dark mysteries of a great red wine drunk while oil painting. At a different angle, I might examine my very complicated relationship with SSRIs and end up praising my current regimen of Effexor which has kept the shaky-trembling-shadow-self at bay for weeks now.

Let me just wrap up in an impression, though. Let me send the sweetest love out to dear ones on a new journey, and let me accept that my pills are improving my wellness, and let me nod with a little hedonistic thanks at the universe that I'm entering a gorgeous autumn with a stock of amazing beers.

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