Monday, September 20, 2010

New Header: Frankenchick

It's a moral imperative to have a Halloween header, even when it means skipping studio-cleaning time. I give you 'Frankenchick,' which is a reference to 1) Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's rocking of the house and 2) that a lot of stitches went into the making of this body, and the making of this body involved a bunch of help from doctors who completely blow my mind for rearranging bones and tendons and muscles to create a sweet claw hand. In 1976. That is amazing.

So, here's the stitchy, horror chick graphic:

Click on through to see it in living reanimated color on teh blawg.

Perhaps I'll make myself a creepy stitched rag doll for Halloween. We're discussing Alice-themed costumes. I'll be the Mad Hatter if we do, and I lost the Shane-in-Alice-drag battle, so we're thinking Absalom for him. We'll see.

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