Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Receiving Project: I Still Believe in Star Wars

http://unblinking-i.com/I had an excellent visit with my soulsister Lucy. She has beautiful eyebrows. Her eyes are equally lovely, but I have the weird fixation with eyebrows. Also, we share a brain and our one brain is having trouble relaxing and remembering to have fun and to be social. In real life, not on Facebook. We talked about being afraid, like all the time in the back of Our Brain.

After I left, I saw a tweeted link to The Receiving Project. I experienced this as a great synchronicity, because I'm afraid to expect good things- it seemed very relevant so I vibed to Lucy via our telepathic connection sent Luce a text about it and signed up immediately. Then I also raved to The Souster and Lexie and Cheryl and Phoenix who are all also soul mates.

I spent the evening with the Bird on my lap doodling in my sketchbook and dedicating pages to the 32 days of shutting my brain up and Listening to the Universe. (Also watching Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico, which led to quesadillas.)

During the doodle-journaling, I had to get the skeptical/critical stuff out onto paper, and this is the result:

And here is the official kick-off sketch:

You can see that I meditated a bit, and received the grokking that the vessel image is my thing. My like, visual mantra, for this thing. Open. (The simple pinched bowl is sort of a Heidi Ceramics Archetypal Dealio What Pops Up Everywhere and Made Me Invent The Phrase 'Conceptual-AND-Functional Piece'. Which is crazy pompous and then I dribble on about how NO RILLY Regular Objects Mean Stuff Anyway and blah blah GAK I overthink shit...)

and before that whole digression I drew this: She who remindeth me of Lexie only with my almost-bald-noggin, a.k.a. Abundance Womyn.

Her diaphanous skirt rocks. Wait. Have to add diaphanous to my favorite words rant on my about page. OK: done.

If you want to follow this project, it'll live primarily at this Flickr Set, for which this post is an epic spoiler, and I'll blog it here and there, too.

This post brought to you by the letters "I and E," which kill my brain. Having the ei in my name makes me wanna write/type ei ALL the time. Except when the word is receive. I have misspelled that word eleventy-billion times.

The doodles are brought to you by Molly's washable markers, which incidentally are not so much, as she went to school today with green fingers.

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