Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've just made a snap decision to forgo the rest of the #30DaysofTruth posts. I feel too sputtery and blurb-ish. They've eaten the blog. Thanks for indulging. It has been great to sit and write regularly, but I think I'll take back my content now.

I'm in an autumnal, reflective space this week. I'm resting up after a very long week with a seriously sick family, new employee training, and an extra dose of back and leg pain. I'm processing my brother's moving out of state suddenly last month, which dredged up some mom-grief and more than a little big sister worry. He's in a place of renewal and life-redesigning, though, which is excellent. I just miss his making me laugh until I piss myself and  gasp for my inhaler. I'm putting together a little birthday package for the mail.

I've been in a simple, nesting mood the past week, with the beloveds needing care and the house needing some organization. I feel settled and content in the house. At the shop, goals are in place, and I feel excited about work. The practical stuff under control, I'm looking at nudging in room for creative projects that need attention.

I'm eyeing the woodpile on the porch and waiting for the chill to invoke our first fire of the season. By month's end, Shane and I will have been married six years, four of those with this amazing daughter. This summer marked our ninth year as partners. Our marriage feels stronger and sweeter than this time last year. Energy and changes have eased into place, and I feel strength and endearment deepening.

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