Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Strawberry Cupcake, Words I Hate, and More

You know how I do that random bullet thing?
  • Best way to tap into pagan mojo, apparently, is to write a big post about how one is not really a pagan. I've been so... Goddessey. Could just be autumn:)
  • When people write, 'word vomit,' 'verbal diarrhea,' or similar, it gags me. Because those are gross things. I'm an absolute fan of that writing approach, just hate the scatological terminology.
  • I worked out twice this week, inspired by the back issues and by suddenly wanting toned arms upon securing a tattoo-for-web-geekery trade. The second workout was SWEET- used pilates bands for my arms and found I can do much, much more with my right arm than I can strapping a dumbbell to it, which I've done in the past. Setting appointment with trainer next week to do an abs refresher course.
  • Friday is Goth Girl Day, or Wear All Black Day. This originated at the women's clinic, where a few of us were Wiccan &/or generally witchy-like. We LOVED October, and Samhain/Halloween. Like witches do. So we created the October First Witchy Goth Tradition. Here is our Facebook event page:)
  • Work = awesome. Team Us is rocking.
  • I spent part of my day listening to a VERY whiny tattoo virgin bitch to her 2,000 friends on her celly the entire time she was being tattooed. She also was in pout mode because her fresh nose piercing was so excruciating. People, I have had my nose pierced three times. The nanosecond the needle has done its deed, you are not in pain. Unless I have dead nose nerves, girlfriend was working teh dramaz. But reading that again, it is entirely possible that I have no nerve endings in my left nostril.
  • I am sans new ink myself, because I misunderstood our plans and they were for web brainstorms, but!yay! I have more creative control than any client has given me ever because she likes my digital art. That feels lovely. Saturday is tattoo day for me, who will not call you to whine.  
  • I had to (speaking of piercings) force the ring into one of my earlobes, which has been pierced for TWENTY EIGHT years. Heh? Wha?
  • Kim Edwards is incapable of writing a short story or a novel that doesn't make me weep. She gets so into location- the sense of a place; its meaning... it's stunning. Her characters and her emotional plots are instantly engaging, even in the shortest pieces. She hurts my soul then makes it better. Sue Monk Kidd comes to mind.
  • Valerian is the root of all awesome.
  • The cutest bro-ista (Shane & me made this up. But maybe 8,000 other people did, too?) made me a coffee and The Freshman was playing and I mentioned I love it but hadn't heard it in ages, then we puzzled over The Verve versus The Verve Pipe and then I was distracted by the most incredible cupcake EVER almost died of perfect dessert bliss.
  • The Receiving Project is leading to great unfolding things in my brain, synchronicities, and wonderful little dear gifts from people, the thrift store, and the Universe.

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