Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I cried all the way to work today listening to a story on NPR via WVPubcast. The piece started with a grave-toned introduction about "a disease that affects" X number of teen yearly. It went on to discuss new approaches in treating anorexia nervosa. The tears were for the changes a generation can make. As a teen, I never heard about the devastation of anorexia. I'm not sure I'd have heard of it if it weren't for magazines like (old-school) Sassy. Even there, though, the condition was treated more like a cultural phenomenon- which it is to a degree, certainly- and less like a treatable disease.

The Big Girl, the Feminist, the Science Geek, and the Mama in me were all so happy to hear this. I <3 NPR. Way to go.

Image from perpetualplum and anorexia treatment story link at NPR. If you search 'anorexia' on NPR you'll also see great stories about the pro-anorexia online phenomenon and more.

My dear friend Heidi (seen here as GardenHeidi so we can all avoid exploded brains) and her pals are cooking up (heh!) a new FA (fat acceptance) community... which in a twist of Daisy-logic is awesome to be involved in as I try to lose weight for my spine. It's important for my psyche to focus on the fact that I love my body right now aesthetically. My weight-loss is absolutely a pain-reduction attempt. I LOVE the FA community, and I'm hoping to be involved in Heidi's efforts.

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