Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lessons on Tattoos

So I got this AMAZING tattoo as a web design trade. (Gotta make sure artist wants that known before I link her- may not want everyone in WV offering the shop trade rather than cash.) It is huge, it is show-off-able, it is really pretty. It is Yiddish. This has taught me

#1 If you get a visible tattoo in a language foreign to you and your peers, you will be reciting its translation a thousand times a day every single day for as long as your ink shall last. *headdesk* Did. Not. Realize. Oops. And also no one in WV has heard of Yiddish. Didn't realize that either.

Molly loves it, but she asked me, "Do you have to get any more tattoos?" and in my 'words form in brain, words are already out of my mouth before I hear them' way, I taught her

#2 "No one HAS to get tattoos... like no one makes you do it. OK, well there was this very, very bad man who made people get tattoos because he didn't like their religion or their body- like mommy's body? how it's different? He didn't like that so (and I'm at this point thinking age appropriate!!! Do not go to a nightmare scary place but holy mother I'm in the middle of explaining the holocaust to my 4 year old crap why do I speak... Help me...) so he tattooed them so his workers would know they were in these groups he hated and then... they did very bad things... the end..." Blah history FAIL...

Then she asked later, "Did the bad man die?" and I told her "Heck Yes" and "the good guys' army kicked his butt." Meanwhile Shane is looking at me like, "Wow. Pacifist Mommy Fail. Funny!" But I am a pathetically under-informed pacifist and things like genocide and such make me want to go smash the bad guys so I think I don't grasp the nuances of actual pacifist ideology. Want books. Rec me? Help?

And is there some instant mindfullness hack that can teach me to think for a nanosecond before speaking? I've had too many cringey moments, and I thought by 34 I'd me wise and mellow. No really- I did think that. When I was like 24 and being a spazmonkey. I am now just a spazmonkey with a grey streak in her hair.


Shayne vie de lavuna
Lichttig vie de Shterrin
Funn Himmel a matona


Beautiful like the moon
Shining like the stars
From Heaven a gift.

and that is why Molly's Shayne is spelled that way. It's a mommy tattoo. And hallway through I quipped, "Gah. Shoulda just gotten 'Molly'. M O L L Y there, we're done!" (It hurt. A medium amount of a lot.)

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