Monday, October 11, 2010

System Failure. Pretty Vessels.

I had a rough week last week, and didn't document (or notice) any gifts from the Universal Mind. I did draw a "something-anything" image on those pages and carry on.

Working through it, I'm feeling a little better equipped for the coming week. There is evidence of actual positive mojo at The Flickr Set.

I started working on doodling on an old bisque-ware vessel left over from my ceramics stash. I never did much drawing on my clay- that could be a sweet new direction someday...

The vessel image has been my "receiving" icon during the project, so it seemed appropriate to make a piece for play and whimsy and colorful fun. They'll probably get some layers of encaustic painting but, as with all things, one starts with Sharpie:)

Also, Fuck Columbus. Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. SERIOUSLOVE That vessel is awesome!!! Sharpies? Coolio!!!!!!

    What the fuck was in the water last week? Whatever it was can bite me! Ugh. I love your reboot reframe, tho.