Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Treasure Nest Tuesday #59 Handbags Are the Key to the Soul?

Since returning to the store, I've become really fond of handbags. Previous to that, I carried the same second-hand olive drab Gap messenger bag for years. Now it's all ruffles and bling. Whatever- shopgirls will be shopgirls.

I came across this cute little bag a few days ago. Tagged it as a Heidi Hold, and really meant to grab it when I had a hot minute to shop.

And then there was this bag:

Being on serious clutter-watch, I wisely decided I had to pick. Orange cute & simple or all-out Boho? I decided that my Authentic Self desired the blingaliscious hippy-as-hell handbag. Look at the shiny!

Even the back is gorgeous.

1 comment:

  1. I like them both, but you probably already know I would have made the same choice! LOL

    Boho purse FTW!

    (I generally don't do clutches/ short shoulder bags, bc I hate having my hands full! Slings, backpacks and messenger bags are my friends! I did buy one clutch, the purple velvet one... Oh yum, I love that bag! It's my go to "winter date" bag. But so not practical for real life!)