Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brief Notes

I'm taking a break from Studio Clean 2: Actually Finishing to feel like a blogger for a few minutes. The following are recent items of note, or possibly not.

  • read Joe Hill's Horns. Loved it as much as Heart-Shaped Box, and I have plans to check out his comic, Locke & Key.
  • My sinuses are under great and terrible pressure and my lovely summer skin is dry and blotchy so
  • I still fucking hate winter but
  • the only thing keeping me afloat in the sloshy waters of my moods are the delicious coziness and scent of the wood stove and
  • Molly's giggles which are an endless source of sweetness. 
  • I have found two new web page loves. One is You Look Like the Right Type. The other
  • is Save The Words, where I have just adopted the words

  • Teliferous will come in handy during arguments with Shane. I can change "Your aura is all spiky' to 'I sense a teliferous angst emanating from your essence.' 
  • I will possibly contrive a use for rupography when I get down with encaustic painting one of these days.

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