Monday, December 20, 2010


I've started copying my photos from Flickr to my Facebook Art/Fan page. I'm getting overwhelmed with the redundancy of posting things all over, and it's an incomplete picture. I sometimes think I should just use my FB fanpage as my go-to web place... but I don't think so.

Anyway, there are new sketchbook peeks, and I'm getting ready to start (oh yeah: START) a project due Jan 10th. And since this blog has been detached a little, I'll also tell you that my new 40mg dose of Celexa is finally not feeling like a 25,000mg dose of Valium and that there is now generic Yaz, called Gianvi, and my periods are adorable and do not at all resemble miscarriages of demon spawn. I can still get off even on the SSRIs and my head snot blockage is flowing again because I'm taking THREE antihistamines. There: old school Daisybones, from when there was no way anyone could google the Fine Artiste Me and get dumped into my vat of PMDD, blood, tears, and snot.


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