Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Managing the Creative Life via a Book Rec and a Facebook Hack

Firstly, a PSA for bloggers and DIY online marketers: A darling genius has created an app that will finally solve the gap in Facebook's notifications system- you can now set up email alerts when someone comments on your page. Easy peasy set up and free at HyperAlerts.

Secondly, a life changing book, made of Awesome Cake, a Molly neologism. Summer Pierre, you officially rock my socks. (My #DRATW socks, even!)

I feel changes brewing in the cauldron of my psyche as related to Artist Doing. First, notice that I've decided to stop believe in Artist being. I shall henceforth believe in Doing Art. Little verb switch, huge mental jump. Jamie tells me I treat art as way too big. She is totally correct. I'm purposefully letting go of... well. More like forcefully vomiting... the baggage I made as a dysfunctional art student and Devoutly Wiccan Intense Chick.

I've pursued with vigor the silly freedom of doodles, pried apart my clenched teeth to giggle with a four year old over fingerpaints. I bought a piece of art from a dude who embraces the word Low Brow. Because tattoo-looking skulls make me absurdly happy.

I've realized that going back to school for post-grad stuff would indulge the most neurotic, pressured parts of me. I've decided to write a story. Fiction. It might suck. Whatever- I'm going to write it.

So the next Art Doing challenge is to stop compartmentalizing my life and to be a holistic Human Being Who Mothers a FaeryLike Daughter, Enjoys a Nesty Sweet Home, Works a Fun Day Job, and Lives a Habit of Creating Things.

I haven't even read the whole book yet, but I passionately recommend it. It is love.


  1. This post makes me squee with joy!!!!! Awesome cake, indeed! (Remy delightedly declares, "Birfday cake!!!" when we buy regular cakes and then starts singing happy birthday loudly. To himself, then to everyone else....

    PS: I'm TOTALLY thinking about starting to paint again! Eeeeeeeep! Crazy January Creative Juices are f l o w i n g. Holy wow.

  2. So, speaking of fun day jobs, I was able to run downstairs and check this book out in less than 5 minutes b/c I work at the LIBRARY! (Oh, how I love the library!)

    Anyway, thanks for the tip!