Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Evening Special Boho Edition! #63 My new very best outfit. Ever.

We have, top to bottom:
  • earrings by the amazing beadstress Becky Steele.
  • The One Necklace to Rule Them All (Stray Dog Antiques)
  • Cropped sweater with rose embroidery. (YWCA Past & Present)
  • Black tank (via famous Bag SAle at Past & Present)
  • The most gorgeous skirt I own, newly found at- wait for it- Past & Present. It's layery, reversible, and makes me feel like a Rom seductress.
  • my Madonna-as-hacker glove which usually helps my cold fingers type but was used this New Year's Eve for sipping brandy.
  • Invisible Black Pseudo-Mary Jane Earth Shoes


  1. What brings all this boholiciousness together is your beauty, straight up you are an amazingly beautiful woman!

    xo Gabi

  2. Takes one to know one, lovely sistah!