Monday, February 21, 2011


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My life is going to be changing somewhat, with a temporary roommate- my baby brother. I get a dorky kick out of calling the 6'4" linebacker shaped E my baby bro, but you're used to my goofiness or you'd stop reading.

Don't stop reading, even though

the above was a segue into my mentioning that my content may change somewhat. As more people play a closer role in my life, with both E moving in soon and Aunt P, who needs more support as her vision loss worsens, My Story gets more blended with Their Stories. I am alone in my family in having the zero filter overshare personality. I've deleted posts than made Bu cringe. Molly's also becoming more and more a complex and self-sustaining creature, and that creature is shy about postings. If I've posted a photo here or elsewhere online, she's given permission.

What I think is that I'll maybe pull back about interactions and things that intrude on Other People's Stories, but I might get back in touch with my style and content that is a deeper self-reflection. What also might happen is I'll have less time to blog. We'll see.

Another prompt to title a post Me is the approaching critical mass of stress that is happening 100% because I've (again) failed to make some time to be alone. The month of February has kicked my teeth in,

like it does. This spring approaching seems like a recovery time I'm anticipating. Sunny, floral, psychic convalescence.

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  1. Here's to spring and a life brimming with challenges and a heart full of acceptance and understanding for our others and ourselves.