Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Year Old Imaginary Tattoo

The talented and beautiful Angel at Black Eagle Tattoo will be inking this, the final version of a drawing two years in the making. In a HUGE feat of releasing control, she'll be designing a temple door inspired framework to complete the cap sleeve.

I am beyond stoked. I teared up sketching in the last few lines. This was the first tattoo I ever wanted, and is so important to me. It was a sweet, exciting moment. Sunday I will try to talk a friend into coming along to photograph the inking. *cough* souster *cough*


  1. Seven PM! You gotta be there, Souster! You put the seed in my head a million years ago<3

  2. Desperate to know how it went!!!

  3. Blergh. Had to reschedule until NEXT Monday:( Tummy flu = evil.