Friday, April 22, 2011

Works in Progress

It's PMDD week. It has been hell. I cried, I made people cry, and that was ON MEDS. My back did well until the angry clouds decided to spit their furious bone-creaking madness down.

Between bursts of pain and weeping, I have been painting. These two are almost ready. Bottom one is a detail of a different piece that was too shiny for me to snap a good photo with Fred (see here re: my naming my fucking phone. Dork, yes much.

This is the itchiest tattoo I have ever had, and I woke up digging at it in my sleep a few days ago. Happily, The Lord Ganesh endured my assault, and is healing well. He is so beautiful, and it is like carrying a beloved little altar with me everywhere.

And Shade, the Baron von Fang has left us his adoring serfs to go and become the King of the Woods Across The Street. That is what Molly and I have decided will go down as family legend. She hasn't shed a tear, but I am having some extra-strength melancholy about him.

Actually, I have been so braced to lose Dharma that the cat running away was less painful in context. God, what a beautiful kitty, though, right? That grey is the exact color of "soft" in my mind.

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  1. LOVE the painting with the house and the whirlpool - would be tempted to buy it from you if I had any freaking cash right now.

    Have missed seeing you around and about, by the way. Think of you often!