Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dumb Art Stuff I Did Recently

Remember when I posted this lovely shot on Facebook all glowing about revisiting my printmaking days? And how it was like riding a bike?

Remember then I realized I hadn't carved the image in reverse and then I felt like a dolt?

So then I was working on this drawing and I sprayed it with fixative and lay it out on my deck to dry. And then

I forgot it was there and it rained arc-worthy buckets down upon us. Happily, my really great vintage wallpaper sprayed with fixative curled up a bit and is otherwise totally peachy and waiting for me to iron it flat and finish it.

There's no moral here other than to lend credence to the idea that creative brain functions turn logic off like a mad scientist's big clunky lab switch.

Also, as a quick blogger character sketch I will tell you that if a clothing iron or a blow-dryer is in use in my home, it is being used on an art project.

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