Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Snake Magic (and Friends)

Happy Opening Day to Collage! Here are the first few paintings I have for sale there:

Little Snake Magic:

And Under the Mountains:


  1. These are gorgeous! What materials did you use? Tell us about your process!

  2. They are mostly acrylic and my ever-present Sharpies:) The map in Hollow is collaged on with acrylic gel medium, which I use to make my paints more transparent and "glaze" like, too.

    The big snake is carved into crackle paste then painted.

    The idea here was to start by doodling right on the canvas. I wanted the whimsical feel I get from my sketchbook rather than the tighter scientific looking stuff that has characterized most of my digital work the past few years.

    Thanks for the great question! xo

  3. How much are you selling them for? I'd love to buy one at some point but need to know what I'm aiming for!

  4. Heidi, "Hollow" is sold. The largest, Under the Mountain, about 26 X 20 is $232 with tax & shipping. Little Snake Magic is $89.50 with tax/shipping. I will need Paypal payment- she doesn't deal with non-local sales but I can arrange it:)

    Let me know! :D

  5. I'll have to wait until I have cashmoney again (I'm sure these will be sold and you'll have new ones up for sale by that point!) as I am currently woefully poor, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it. They are beautiful!