Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Treasure Nest Tuesday #67 Shop Profile! Refinished Wood & Antiques, or A Secret Treasure Shop

This shop caught my eye on my commute to WVSU years ago, because there was (and IS!) a painted claw-foot bathtub used as a flower potter out front. I've found goodies for assemblage sculptures and recently bought an amazing lead glass lantern for so cheap it is frankly thievery.

This gorgeous shot was taken at the even more gorgeous Refinished Wood &Antiques in North Charleston.

This is why I stopped in recently: a glass bottle addiction-

 Visit Refinished Wood & Antiques
at 2610 7th Avenue, Charleston, WV
(304) 746-7733

Thanks so much for permission to showcase this lovely Charleston Treasure!

Last image via Google Maps.

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  1. By the way, driving past yesterday, I was dismayed to see a rebel flag hanging out front. Aint nothing pisses this mountain mama off more'n a rebel flag. Just saying. Sometimes it's lonely to have a bleeding heart on your sleeve in a little, old school valley surrounded by a little too much ugly tradition for my taste. Appalachia, you lovely hateful home.