Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Whiny Listmaking Day!

A (by no means comprehensive) list of things that make me cry when I am stuck in bed AND have PMDD, i.e. today:
  • the phrase "Art Walk"
  • the local guy who tweeted me to ask where I've been and do I have any art around town
  • that I can't order a Gino's pizza with green olives and a shit ton of cheese
  • that my gorgeous, ripe cantaloupe won't cut its damn self
  • that after a muscle-relaxer coma I STILL can't sit up, much less go to work
  • that I may miss a lot of FestivALL, and that I had to back out (oh, HAHAHAH) of doing StreetWorks this year.
Fuck. I've promised a bunch of people to STAY POSITIVE. So:

Some Things That Make Me Happy:
  • Netflix streaming
  • every mention of Buffy in "Julie & Julia"
  • my wee Birdy being a brave Fishy in swim class
  • that my house cooled down to less than the temperature of the outer circles of hell
  • Green Lantern!? This may go in above list if I can't sit through a movie
  • My megashort pixie, again.
What's on your love/hate list today? Free bitch session right here!

1 comment:

  1. I love that my girlfriend's Nintendo DS and close to 30 games that were lost on a flight from Dallas to Seattle were found and are being shipped back to her.

    I am sad that I did not get a residency I applied for.