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New Yoni Piece Sketch & Words

Sketch for New Yoni Piece
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This is the "raw" drawing for a piece I'm creating for a French calendar collecting woman-centered spiritual art. I'm CRAZY stoked because je suis un fan sérieux de la langue française.

I asked Julie, who recruited me for the collection,  to help me translate, as my French recall is a bunch of merde.

I was delighted that it turned into a quick but lovely collaboration. My original included my obsession with alliteration: "Oh, my sacred seed & seat of power..." which I knew I'd lose, but wait! In French the alliteration just moves: Oh, ma graine sacrée et siège de puissance... Gorgeous! She also helped create a beautiful finishing line. I started with "bring me home to my beautiful center" and she offered this suggestion:
"You'll see that the last line in French does not include the word "beautiful (beau)" as I found it too heavy so to speak in the french... and adding anything else would possibly deform your original intention (what would work quite well in French would be "... de retour à mon centre sacré." but that would then be using the word "sacré" twice in French... repetitions that the French are somewhat averse to...
If you really wanted, you could say "... de retour à mon beau centre"... but I just don't feel, personally of course, that it fits... that is when its read in French. (English is my mother tongue but I have been in France for 12 years now. Unfortunately Karine is away so I can't ask her to check on this.)
Its possibly also due to the fact that "centre" is masculine... and well, beautiful evokes also the feminine... so difficult to combine the two... if you were to use the word "source" instead of "centre" (different meaning of course), it might be easier to include beautiful, e.g. " retour à ma source si belle."
And I fell in LOVE with retour à ma source si belle.

... and even more in love with the most lovely language in the world:)

Read more about the project here:
Rêve de Femmes & Rêv'Elles

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