Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A True Witchy Confession

Once upon a time, when I was studying and later teaching classes in Wicca (mostly influenced by Starhawk's Reclaiming tradition) I encountered a lot of Power Animal people. They were so smitten with their astral furry beloveds, but I could not for the life of me feel connected to that whole animal shamanism deal. I loved my friend whose Wiccan name was Chein Noir and I adored real, panting black dogs. I loved my Otter priestess and the many wolf-obsessed witches. I just didn't get it though.

Then one day it hit me while I was feeding wee mousies to Roswell, my python: I am a SNAKE person. And birdies, lovely sweet birdies. Of course I didn't grok all these mammalian power dudes. I'm all serpents and wings, baby!

This inspired shuddering revulsion during animal magic stuff in a classmate of mine, as well as in a later girlfriend- for it turns out many people are absolutely terrified of them.

They are my mojo guys, though: Birds and slithery, slinky snakeys.

Mostly, this little reptilian love letter is an excuse to show you this attempt at sympathetic magic I doodled on my suddenly very shapely thigh. (I'm down 30 pounds, but the reward of skinny jeans tickling my hips is actually disappointing as the point of the weight loss was pain management. SIGH.)

So here:

Snake Magic, 2011
Heidi R. Evans
Sharpie on Wonky Hip and Thigh

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  1. I'm mammalian (Tiger) and insecty (butterfly) but I love how you're snake and bird :D

    And I adore your sharpied drawing and demand it be tattooted post haste!