Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Controversial Hotdog

The Hotdog Timeline

Dr. Voodoo & I talked some more about adrenal fatigue, and then I spent most of yesterday researching online. Every site I found reiterated a similar theme: be ye not a vegetarian lest ye wilt not heal thy adrenals. Eat ye of the meat, and of the salt, and then more meat. REDDDmeat. Also, NO MORE SUGAR OF ANY KIND AT ALL no not even honey.

Then this morning I was at the Health Life Market for my real bread and almond milk and lovely Lex showed me some bovine derived stuff for adrenal support and I wanted to gag.

Then I confessed to Mr. Bones that I was thinking about eating meat. He offered suggestion after suggestion until I was queasy and said nevermind.

Then I was at work and my beloved, dearly missed tofu tacos were taunting me from across the street at Tricky's. Suddenly, I thought about how they have all-beef hot dogs, and the idea of a hotdog was actually appetizing.

I texted Shane, who shot back: If there's no video, it didn't happen.

And then I was there, and ordering meat. And then I grabbed C and gave her my iPhone.

And then I ate a hotdog. And it was seriously fucking delicious.

Sadly, I am far too impatient to upload the video, so until tomorrow you'll have to remain skeptical about my hotdog eating.


  1. You have to start with bacon. Even the bacon with tonnes of nitrates. Bacon is the gateway drug to omnivorism :)

  2. I gave up vegetarianism so long ago it doesn't seem fair that I still keep it as part of my identity, but I do. I just happen to every few days eat some meat, too. I keep wanting to go back to pescatarian, but I think I also really do need the meat, because my body does well with it.

    (All beef hotdogs? Yes. And I just started eating hamburgers again, too, because this place down the street has crazy awesome good ones. I don't know why, but that was sort of my last veggie holdout, tho we only buy veggie for the house.

  3. I had that moment when I had a burger for the first time after being vegetarian for five years. Then I had it again this summer at my moms. I had three cheeseburgers, they were so effing delicious. OMG yum!