Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Exact Opposite of an Adrenaline Rush

So, a (hopefully objective and whine-free) health update is due, I think. I took my xrays to Dr. Voodoo before I mailed them off to the Spine Center at WVU Hospital. He was pretty un-phased by the curves, and is convinced we have solved the problem. Well, we have found the solution, which is taking a damn long time by my severely impatient viewpoint.

We think (as I agree) that my adrenal fatigue is hindering the normal coping my muscles do to keep me fairly vertical. The solution takes either 1-2 months, based on Dr. Voodoo's paperwork, or up to 12-18 months, based on a few websites I read.

The solution, as you may have seen, involves turning my diet inside out. All the yummy carbalicious comfort foods that bulked up my vegetarian meals are now to be whole grain only, and sparingly eaten. There is no sugar in my life. None at all. Proteins are my friend- my BEST friend, so much so that I'm eating meat again. [You may pause to amuse yourself with this video of my eating a hotdog.] Or not. 'Cause it's gross to watch someone eat.

Although I'm clearly amused with myself in the video, my second hotdog made me cry, so please allow me to say a big, loving thanks to Alexis, Laura, and Jennifer, who totally understood the emotions I was juggling. Also, thanks to Souster Meg for her concern for my intestinal health. (Actually, my tummy is happy with the meat. Who knew?)

I'm also off caffeine and alcohol, the latter being just a big fucking bummer as I just got a Dad Delivery of Maine microbrews. The former caused me to sleep at least 14 of 24 hours on Sunday. The sugar withdrawal and the need to keep my blood glucose constant have sent me into some reeling dizzy spells, but this is normal for the transition.

So far, I have slightly more energy and my muscle strength and resistance are dramatically better. I'm in pain today, which might be hormonal- and get THIS: adrenal fatigue can cause PMDD symptoms and depression. This might be the root of all my bad, people. It's a wait and see thing now, but I'm really excited by my muscle testing today. I am going to keep my appointment with the Spine guys just to make sure the mechanical side of things is OK, and to get a feel for what I should do as I get closer to those ages when women's bones tend to freak out anyway.

I feel very much like good things are on the horizon. Mojo risin', and all that.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you have found a solution!

  2. ::::::mojo rising:::::

    If I'm not a complete wreak tomorrow, I should have a short story to go with your illustration...