Wednesday, July 27, 2011

High Protein Flatbread Recipe

I have to eat an insane amount of protein, I can only eat 100% whole grains, and I ran out of yeast. That is how this recipe was born.

1-1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 tsp baking powder
dash of cinnamon
1 tbsp good oil- something like olive oil or a high omega-3 blend

In a food processor, grate the walnuts (or nuts of choice) very fine.

Add flour and baking powder and cinnamon to large bowl, and mix or sift. Add the finely grated nuts, then add the oil and enough warm water to make a dough- usually between a cup and a cup and a half. If you're blood sugar's not crashing, cover and let it rest 20 or 30 minutes somewhere warm. If you NEEDZ TEH FOOD NOW, it'll be edible if you cook immediately. If you let it rest, it's a bit softer and more flexible.

To cook, gasp at my reckless love of fat (again- dietary thing. You would not believe the amount of fish oil I take. Gills are sprouting...) then lightly cover the bottom of a skillet (it HAS to be cast iron- what kind of freak are you?) and heat to medium.

Grab a handful of dough and on a floured surface, roll or pat to about 1/4" thick. Fry until the edges look browned a bit then flip.

(Look! A DAISY!!!)

Eat like a pita, make a wrap, or just glom some toppings on it. Mine has (oh yes) Omega-3 rich fake butter.

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  1. Hi Heidi, Thanks so much for sharing this quick and tasty flat bread recipe! I was looking for something like this for so long. I imagine it would accompany hummus or tahini so well. Have you tried it this way? I can’t wait to make it tomorrow but let me ask you few questions first. Do you think I could use some non-wheat flour instead? I like using red rice flour for pizza dough. Do you think it is similar enough as a substitute? I am also thinking of using the coconut oil- my all time favorite but I am conscious about its strong nutty flavor. Have you tried it by any chance Heidi? Thanks for any tips.